who is protexte?


My name is Anne Choupanian, freelance English-to-French Translator and French Editor.

I created my own business Protexte to offer language services to professionals and individuals.


A French and Canadian citizen, I have lived, studied and worked in three different countries: France, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Therefore I know very well the French, British and Canadian cultural contexts.

In addition, through regular travelling as well as personal connections, I am familiar with the following countries: Belgium, Greece, Netherlands, Iran, Italy, Switzerland, United States.


I'm fully bilingual.

French is my mother tongue and English is my second language.

I studied two years in the United Kingdom to perfect my English language skills, which I later fully developped in Toronto, Canada where I worked several years as an English-to-French Translator and Bilingual Editor. English is now part of my daily personal and professional life.


After my post-graduate studies in French and English languages, I took specialized training in English-to-French translation and bilingual editing as well as in French proofreading, editing and writing:

I have 18 years' professional experience in translation and editing:

-8 years as a freelance Translator and Editor (France)

-10 years of service as a Translator and Editor/Writer in a Canadian arm's length agency of the Ontario government


I worked as an employee in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, both in France and Canada, before becoming a freelance translator and editor, creating my own business Protexte.


Driven by the love of languages and the will to deliver accurate and customised work based on client specific needs, I provide high-quality translation and editing services, meeting clients' expectations and deadlines. All work and communications are kept strictly confidential.

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