french language services Rates

Proofreading / editing rates are based on the number of pages of 1,500 characters (including spaces) to be edited.

They include quality control (the document will go through at least two edits).

Proofreading / editing services do not include layout.


Those rates depend on several factors:

  • length of the document (number of characters)
  • quality of the document (clarity of message, style, inconsistencies)
  • type of work required
  • complexity and technicality of the text
  • style of the document (e.g., literary, technical, administrative)
  • creativity involved (e.g., literary or marketing)
  • inclusion of references to be edited according to the standards
  • required deadline
  • format of the document (e.g., Word, PDF, PowerPoint) 

The rates provided are for guidance only since they vary according to the length and complexity of the document, the type of work and the deadline required. 


All prices are net prices (VAT tax does not apply).

Regardless of the number of pages, there is a minimum charge of €23.00


To get a quote, please contact me.




Checking a document for remaining typos prior to publication/release.


          from €2.40 per page (1,500 characters)


Note: The proofreading service is only for publishing and press/media professionals.


Copy Editing 


Editing for spelling, grammar, syntax, conjugation, punctuation and typography.


           from €4.80 per page (1,500 characters)


Substantive / Stylistic Editing


Editing for spelling, grammar, syntax, conjugation, punctuation and typography as well as clarifying / reorganizing the content and structure of the text for clarity and consistency; minor rewriting when necessary to improve the clarity of the document.


           from €5.80 per page (1,500 characters)


Plain Language Editing


Editing and rewriting a text to clarify its structure, language and style in order to make it easier to understand. Ensuring the document conveys information in an efficient manner.


            from €12.00 per page (1,500 characters)




Rewriting a text to improve its clarity and consistency as well as its style (e.g., registers of language, reading levels, accuracy and scope of the vocabulary, terminology), while respecting the intent of the document as well as the author's ideas and voice.


            from €12.00 per page (1,500 characters)




Checking and verifying information (e.g. dates, names of persons, places and brands, references, quotes, specialized terminology) is charged as an additional service.          


         from 0.80 per page (1,500 characters)


Letters, Cover Letters, Resumes


         from €23.00


Rates vary depending on the type of work needed (e.g. copy vs stylistic editing, rewriting, layout)