Translation services


Translation allows us to broaden human's horizon and widen the world.     

   Jon Kalman Stefansson


Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.

    Günter Grass

English-to-French Translation


Translation from English (Canada, US, UK) into French (Canada, France) of general texts and specialized texts in the following areas:


- Corporate communications – Public / Not-for-Profit / Private (Canada, France)

- Education (Canada); International assessments (PISA, PIRLS, TIMSS)

- Press: print &online media

- Research papers


Bilingual Editing

  • Comparative Editing of translations

Thorough comparison of source and target documents to ensure that the translated text conveys the same message as the original; checking for errors in meaning, terminology or cultural context; correcting misinterpretation, missing or added information; and ensuring the quality of language and style of the final text, according to the client's written required style. 


  • Stylistic Editing of translations

Editing of the target text only, without comparison with the original, to ensure its linguistic quality (spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation) and stylistic quality (registers and levels of language, accuracy of vocabulary, style reflecting the intent of the text).


Translation Services Rates