editing work

Corporate Communicaiton

Proofreading, editing and rewriting an average of 600 documents per year (during 10 years) released at the provincial, national and international levels (annual reports, strategic plans, policies and bylaws, frameworks, guidelines, news releases, official correspondence, presentations, articles, guides, surveys, case studies, highlights, brochures, newsletters) as well as sections of the Website

  • Traductions Caron-Masse 

Proofreading and editing hundreds of documents released at the national and international levels:      

- Canada Council for the Arts (reports, meetings minutes and debriefings, news releases, official correspondence and speeches, surveys, artists' biographies, policies and bylaws, strategic plans, frameworks, standards)
- Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (reports, meetings minutes, news releases, standardspolicies and bylawsofficial correspondence)
- CBM/St Marys Cement  (newsletters, presentations, brochures) Editing and proofreading the whole Website and blog articles

Rewriting in Plain Language diverse documents (article, organization's manifest, sections of Website)

Editing and proofreading documents for Newcomers to Canada (information kit, brochure)

Editing and proofreading the Fire Safety Regulations for the Fire Department of the Haute-Vienne Region (France)


  • Substantive editing and rewriting two academic workschecking accuracy and consistency of information as well as editing references according to the standards: D'Alexandrie à Tolède – 1500 ans d'acquisition et de transmission du savoir scientifique et L'éveil scientifique de l'Europe du XIIsiècle au XIVsiècle

Substantive editing and reference editing for an exhibition catalogue/book Histoire du textile au Pays de Dieulefit



Substantive and stylistic editing of a brochure
Substantive and stylistic editing of a brochure 

Proofreading and editing fiction texts for young audiences during 10 years

Media & Press

Editing and rewriting articles for the print and online magazine published 6 times a year

Editing and rewriting articles for the print and online monthly magazine




Substantive and stylistic editing of a personal story about abused children     


Proofreading, editing and rewriting education and research-related documents released at the provincial, national and international levels: provincial assessments (OSSLT) and international assessments of primary and secondary students (PISA, PIRLS, TIMSS), research projects, articles

  •   Academic papers and articles
Editing and proofreading texts for researchers in the following areas:
        - Art (literature, cinema, music)
       - ESL Teaching
       - Geography
       - Green building
       - History
       - International Investment Law
       - Sport & TV broadcasting
        - Urbanism