Did you say Professional Proofreading / Editing?


One does not become a Proofreader / Editor overnight: enjoying reading and having a good spelling is not a sufficient condition to have the capacity to proofread or edit.


Proofreading / Editing is about enhancing the overall quality of a written text prior to its release, with regard to its form (spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, tyography and style) as well as its content (structure, clarity, consistency and accuracy) while respecting the original goals and style of the document; editing can also be providing authors with critical reading and writing support, in order to enhance their work according to their own ideas and style.


A French Professional Proofreader / Editor must: master French language a well as typographical conventions; have superior writing skills and flexible writing style; adopt a sensitive and thorough approach; have both an open and critical mind, a broad general knowledge; adapt her / his skills to the diversity of documents; have followed specialized studies and training; possess a real expertise as well as a solid and diverse experience in proofreading / editing; and carry out her / his work under strict confidentiality.      

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