Did you say Professional Translation / Bilingual Editing?


One does not become a Translator / Bilingual Editor overnight: being bilingual is not a sufficient condition to have the capacity to translate or edit.


Translating is transferring a written text from one language (source language) to another language (target language), taking into account cultural differences between both languages and conveying the original meaning as faithfully as possible: the translator must stay close to the source text to not miss any information and take sufficient distance from it in order to rewrite into the target language with a natural authentic style, while conveying the intent and tone of the source document and respecting the author's voice


Professional Translator / Bilingual Editor must: have an excellent command of both languages, and more specifically the target language; know the cultural dimension specific to each language as well as the context of the document; have followed specialized studies and training; possess a real expertise as well as a solid and diverse experience in translation / bilingal editing; and carry out her/his work in strict observance of professional secrecy and confidentiality.         


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