translation work

Audiovisual / Advertising

Translating and proofreading various documents (TV scripts, advertisements)


Corporate communications

Translating and proofreading various documents (newsletters, guides, reports)

Translating and proofreading various documents (guides, code of conduct, rules of practice, information kits, annual reports, strategic and business plans, ethical framework, surveys) as well as sections for the Website

Translating and proofreading (comparative/stylistic) an average of 600 documents per year (during 10 years) released at the provincial, national and international levels (annual reports, strategic plans, policies and bylaws, frameworks, guidelines, news releases, official correspondence, presentations, articles, guides, surveys, case studies, highlights, brochures, newsletters) as well as sections for the Website

Translating the company's newsletters
  • Traductions Caron-Masse

Translating and proofreading (comparative/stylistic) hundreds of documents released at the national and international levels:


- Canada Council for the Arts (reports, meetings minutes and debriefings, news releases, official correspondence and speeches, surveys, artists' biographies, policies and bylaws, strategic plans, frameworks, standards)

- Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (reports, meeting minutes, news releases, standards, policies  and bylaws, official 


- CBM/St Marys Cement (newsletters, presentations, brochures)


Education and Research

Translating and proofreading education and research-related documents released at the provincial, national and international levels: provincial assessments (OSSLT) and international assessments of primary and secondary students (PISA, PIRLS, TIMSS), research projects, articles


Human and social Sciences

Translating and proofreading information material for the 2016 Campaign
Media & Press
Translating and proofrading articles for the printed and online magazine

Translating and proofreading the whole content of the Website

Translating and proofreading descriptions for sections of the Website