The rates provided are for guidance only since they vary according to the length and complexity of the document.

The final price of a translation / editing work will always be indicated in a quote (free of charge and without obligation) after having carefully assessed the document to ascertain the type and extent of work needed.


All prices are net prices: VAT tax does not apply (article 293 B of Code général des impôts).


A surcharge will apply for any rush work, when the client requires faster than normal turnaround:

  • 25% for less than 48 hours; 
  • 35% for less than 24 hours, weekends or holidays.

Regardless of the number of words or pages, there is a minimum charge of €23.00





The amount of time required for completing translation or editing work varies depending on the type of work requested as well as the length and complexity of the document.


The deadline will be indicated in the quote after discussing with the client a deadline that best satisfies his or her demand and my workload.


To find out about the rates of my services, please click on Translation Services Rates and French Language Services Rates.