French language services

Using the words of everyone: write like no one.



To write intelligibly, any writer should think as if he was the reader.

   Jean de La Bruyère


Whatever we conceive well we express clearly, and words flow with ease.


Member of the French Association of Editors (ACLF), I comply with its Code of conduct.



Checking a document for remaining typos prior to publication/release.


The proofreading service is only for publishing/press/media professionals.


Copy Editing 


Editing for spelling, grammar, syntax, conjugation, punctuation and typography.


Substantive / Stylistic Editing


Editing for spelling, grammar, syntax, conjugation, punctuation and typography, as well as clarifying / reorganizing the content and structure of the text for clarity and consistency; minor rewriting when necessary to improve the clarity of the document.


Rewriting / Writing Support


Rewriting a text to improve its clarity and consistency, as well as its style (e.g., registers of language, reading levels, accuracy and scope of the vocabulary, terminology), while respecting the intent of the document as well as the author's ideas and voice.

Plain Language Editing


Editing and rewriting a text to clarify its structure, language and style in order to make it easier to understand.

Ensuring the document conveys information in an efficient manner.


Communications written in Plain Language help you reach your objectives, whether you are a business wanting to sell products or services, a public administrator wanting to inform the public, an organization wanting to inform and help a specific audience or an individual wanting to find a job or submit an academic work.


French Language Services Rates