Translation services Rates

Translation / bilingual editing rates are based on the number of words included in the document to be translated or edited.

They include quality control (comparative and stylistic editing of the translation).

Translation / bilingual editing services do not include layout.


Those rates depend on several factors:

  • number of words to be translated or edited
  • complexity and technicality of the text
  • required deadline
  • creativity involved (e.g., literary or marketing)
  • quality of the document to be translated or edited (clarity of message, style, inconsistencies)
  • format of the document (e.g., Word, PowerPoint)

The rates provided are for guidance only since they vary according to the length and complexity of the document, the type of work and the deadline required.


All prices are net prices (VAT tax does not apply)

Regardless of the number of words, there is a minimum charge of €23.00


To get a quote, please contact me.


English-to-French Translation


Translation from English (UK, Canada, US) to French (France, Canada) of general texts and technical, specialized or literary texts.


        from €0.15 per word


The translation rate varries depending on the difficulty of the text to be translated, if the content involves more thorough terminology research and more complex or creative translation work.        


Bilingual Editing

  • Comparative Editing of translations

Thorough comparison of source and target documents to ensure that the translated text conveys the same message as of the original one, followed by a stylistic editing of the text.


          from €0.08 per word

  •  Stylistic Editing of translations

 Editing of the target text only, without comparison with the original one, to ensure its linguistic and stylistic quality.


          from €0.04 per word