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Member of French Association of Translators (SFT), I comply with its Code of Professional Conduct

The SFT is a founding member of the International Federation of Translators (FIT).

Member of French Association of Editors (ACLF), I comply with its Code of Professional conduct.

Regular Clients

language services

English to French

English-to-French Translation

Bilingual / Translation Editing

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Rewriting / Writing support
Plain Language

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areas of focus


- Corporate communications – Public / Not-for-Profit / Private (Canada, France)

- Education (Canada); International assessments (PISA, PIRLS, TIMSS)

- Press: print &online media

- Research papers


why choose my services?


I offer high-quality service in English-to-French Translation and French Proofreading / Editing.

  • Independent Professional: direct collaboration without subcontracting, pledge of quality and confidentiality
  • Native French Speaker
  • Bilingual:

        - French: Parisian French / Canadian French (Ontario, Quebec)

        - English: British English / Canadian English / American English

  • Extensive professional experience and ability to adapt to a diverse range of documents and contexts:

        - 18 years' professional experience: 8 years of freelancing, Translator/Editor (France) + 10 years of service, Translation/Editing Department, arm’s length government agency EQAO (Ontario, Canada)

        - sectors: not-for-profit, private

  • Postgraduate studies & specialized training (France, Canada, United Kingdom):

        - language & literature: French / English

        - methodology, techniques, tools, practice: Translation / Editing / Writing

  • Familiar with the following cultural contexts:

       - North American (Canada, United States) 

      - European (France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom)


who ARE my services FOR?

  •  Not-for-profit organizations

Corporate communication (annual reports, strategic and business plans, policies, newsletters, minutes, periodicals, leaflets, guides, presentations, surveys, articles, press releases, website) 

  • Businesses

Corporate communication (business plans, newsletters, memos, briefing notes, job descriptions, minutes, reports, questionnaires) and marketing communication (brochures, leaflets, catalogues, magazines, guides, forms, surveys, press releases, website)

  • Government organizations, Public administrations

Corporate communication (annual reports, strategic and business plans, policies, newsletters, memos, correspondence, speeches, presentations, guides, questionnaires) 

  • Press & Media (print/online)

Editing and rewriting articles for print and online media for diverse target audience


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