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"Anne Choupanian delivers top quality work editing the articles for our printed and online magazine. We appreciate being able to rely on Anne's reactivity and flexibility, which is so helpful in the press and media sector, dealing with last minute changes before releasing the publication. Anne Choupanian is a professional Editor we can really count on, delivering quality work on time. I really appreciate working with Anne and I look forward to continuing our collaboration."


Thierry DIME

Journalist & Managing Editor / LE MONDE ÉCONOMIQUE


" Anne Choupanian (ProTexte) did the substantive editing and rewriting of two academic works, with checking accuracy and consistency of information as well as editing bibliographical references according to the standardsD’Alexandrie à Tolède – 1500 ans d’acquisition et de transmission du savoir scientifique and L'éveil scientifique de l'Europe du XIIsiècle au XIVe siècle. She accomplished a high quality editing work and she was very professional. I highly recommend her editing services."




 " I would like to thank Anne (ProTexte) for the high quality of the editing work she did on my book as well as for the care and respect she showed, respecting the voice and style of my text. Her work really helped with refining the meaning and style of the text, rewriting certain parts only when it was necessary to improve its clarity for the future readers. I highly recommend ProTexte editing services. "



 " I would like to thank Anne (Protexte) for the fine and personalized work she did while editing my book. I really appreciated Anne's respect, sensitivity, thoroughness, insight and concern for consistency. Her work was a great support. "


Danielle PEREZ, Writer

 "Our organization Patrimoine, Mémoire et Histoire (PMH) du Pays de Dieulefit asked Anne Choupanian (ProTexte) to edit (substantive and reference editing) a 150 pages exhibition book. Thanks to Anne's quality editing and fast turnaround, we were able to print the book early enough to have it ready for the opening of the exhibition. Thank you very much for your work!"


         François NELSON


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