During my 18 years' experience as a Translator and Editor, in France and in Canada, I have worked on a large number and variety of documents, for professionals in different sectors (private, public, not-for-profit) and for individuals.


I have translated, edited, proofread and rewritten the following types of documents:

  • reports, annual reports, meetings debriefings and minutes
  • bylaws, policies, business and strategic plans, frameworks, regulations, guidelines, standards
  • administrative correspondence, email messages, memos
  • international assessments of primary and secondary students (PISA, PIRLS, TIMSS)
  • academic works, research projects and papers
  • official speeches, presentations
  • fiction for young audiences, literary works
  • newsletters, magazines, brochures, news releases
  • websites, databases, blog articles
  • surveys, questionnaires
  • personal stories, correspondence
  • articles for the press (print and online media)

To find out more, see Translation References and Editing References.